Gomersal St Mary's CE Primary School


Our pupils experience the beauty of writing as an art form first through reading. From their very first year at school, before they know how to even form letters, they are taught that they too can be writers, and that writing is a way to share with others. As they progress through school, they undertake different writing projects within and across subjects. They explore different genres and their features. Whilst doing this, they consider who they would like to write their pieces for and what they would like to write about most. Students are taught how to use the same features and expert techniques they identified from model texts in their own compositions. They learn how to attend to their spellings, handwriting, grammar, and sentence construction. This helps them write happily and fluently.  As their skills increase, they use more and more sophisticated writerly strategies and techniques for negotiating the writing processes. 
We want our children to know how they can take a seed of an idea and see it through to publication, so they appreciate the power and beauty of the written word.

Curriculum Intent