Gomersal St Mary's CE Primary School


The aim of our RE curriculum is to promote deep thinking and discussion. Pupils learn about religious and non-religious worldviews to discover, explore and consider what others believe and how this impacts how they live their lives. Importantly, pupils learn to express their insights and to agree or disagree respectfully. We want our children to understand that communication and respect are crucial to understanding and accepting others, no matter how different our perspectives.
RE offers opportunities for personal reflection and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. It enables pupils to explore their own beliefs, ideas, feelings, experiences, and values and develops their own sense of identity, while also promotes empathy, tolerance and respect for others. 
We believe that our RE curriculum should prepare our children to be positive and caring members of society, well-equipped to live in modern Britain.  Consequently, it is designed to help pupils have a better grasp of political, social, and moral issues that they will need to face as they grow up in an increasingly globalized world. It is also structured to teach pupils how to deal positively with controversial issues, to manage strongly held differences of belief, and to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.