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At Gomersal St Mary’s Primary School our vision is central to all we do: By being the best we can be, we all shine brightly, making our world and school a better place. This drive to reach our potential is something that goes hand in hand with our school vision for reading since we know that teaching children to become confident, enthusiastic readers is key to unlocking future life chances and helping our pupils to thrive academically and in the world beyond school.

Research shows, ‘Making sure that children become engaged with reading from the beginning is one of the most important ways to make a difference to their life chances, whatever their socio-economic background. For this to happen, however, children need to learn to read as fluently as possible and be motivated to continue reading.’ (DFE-The Reading Framework- Teaching the Foundations of Literacy, 2018)

Our Vision for Reading

At Gomersal St Mary’s Primary School, we want our children to love books and be confident, fluent and eager readers.

  • Through reading, we want to develop our children’s imagination and curiosity, to open up a treasure trove of wonder and joy, to transport them to places they’ve never been, introduce them to people and cultures they’ve never encountered, and expose them to new experiences and emotions.
  • We believe it is a child’s right to be literate and enjoy literature, regardless of the social and economic circumstances of their neighbourhoods, their ethnicity, the language spoken at home and any special educational needs or disabilities. Therefore, the teaching and learning of reading should be a positive and enjoyable experience that should be taught systematically and consistently across the whole school.
  • Our aim is for all children to develop confidence and proficiency in reading, allowing them to smoothly transition to secondary school and giving them the foundations and drive to become life-long, enthusiastic readers.